Blockchain: a solution to COVID-19How does the blockchain help to deal with the consequences of the

The pandemic of the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted weaknesses in our societies, public authorities and businesses by revealing :

  • the high vulnerability of supply chains, and issues of sovereignty and interdependence;

  • the inefficiency of overly centralised administrative systems and, at the same time, the importance of the state in protecting citizens and helping businesses to hold on and then restart;

  • the lack of international cooperation and alignment of strategies.

The crisis has also reinforced the importance of data, the grail to simulate, decide and forecast (provided it is accessible, reliable and shared and respects personal freedoms) and the role of finance as an essential and concrete cog in the wheel of refinancing strategy.

In other words, the crisis has revealed the need to restore trust between actors of various natures by promoting, making their exchanges and transactions more reliable and secure. A need that the blockchains respond to very precisely.

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